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Questions and answers

Can I get an edible picture within one day?
Yes, you can get the requested edible photo the next day if you place your order until 5 in the afternoon.

Do the edible pictures have taste and smell, and will it affect the main flavor of the cake?
No, we use the best products for the manufacture of the edible photos that contain no sweeteners and flavorings. Therefore, your cake will retain its authentic taste, without being disturbed by the edible image. Flavors are excluded, which guarantees you a flawless result.

Are there any photos that cannot be recreated as edible images?
No, anything is impossible for us and that's why we will be able to deal with what any task. There could be possible light nuances discrepancy, but no drastic differences.

Could the edible photo compromise its integrity and change its colors?
It is possible for the edible photo to compromise the integrity or colors if not stored properly by you. Do not forget that in order for the result to be perfect, you have to put the edible picture in a cool dark place in the fridge.

Can I put the edible picture myself or it needs special instructions?
You do not need any special knowledge, just a simple skill, you need to remove the picture and put it on the cake.

Can I use the edible photo later as the party got busted?
You can use the edible image, even after a month if you put it in the refrigerator and pack it in a suitable foil.

Are there sizes for edible photos of cakes that are smaller than the standard ones?
Yes, we offer several sizes to meet any demand.

What are the ingredients of the edible pictures?
Water, Corn Syrup, Sorbital, Sugar, Vegetable oil, Cornstarch, Arabic Gum, Glycerine Polysorbate 80, Vanilla, Titanium Dioxide, Corn syrup solids, Citric Acid.